Scouting is open to all boys and girls of any faith or ability, able and disabled, it caters for all. Then of course there are the Adults, the Leaders, helpers, instructors and admin staff, everyone can become involved. Our group covers the three younger age ranges, Beavers Cubs and Scouts, Explorers are district based and are for those aged between 14½ and 18 years old.

Beavers are for those aged between 6-8 years old, boys and girls join together to have fun and make friends.

Cubs for those aged between 8-10½ years old, they now begin to learn scouting skills, camp under canvas and enjoy a wealth of activities.

Scouts are those aged between 10½-14 years old, they have more opportunity to put their scouting skills into practice, enjoy even more activities and a greater degree of independence.

Adult Helpers and Leaders, those over the age of 18, who enjoy working with young people and who obtain a Scout DBS clearance organised through the group, also whose sanity is questionable.

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